Scott Campbell

IT Teacher
Bachelor of Fine Arts from Thompson Rivers University, Bachelor of Education, & Diploma of Technological Education from Queens University, Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design from St. Lawrence College, Diploma of Photography from Sheridan Institute of Art and Technology
Like many of our students I have studied abroad, and although I loved my time in Japan during my senior years of high-school, I could not stay there forever. When I returned to Canada I started my own business right out of high-school while also completing full time post secondary studies in photography, and then graphic design after that. While operating my company I had worked for many large companies including: Mac Cosmetics, Judy Inc., Foxxx Pools, Eikon Device, and the National Ballet of Canada just to name a few. In my final years of operating my company I was doing research into 3D imaging technologies which lead to me developing and patenting the worlds first 3D Reflective Micro Lens (3D-RML) technologies. After that I sold my company and became a teacher at which point I moved to China. I have now worked all across China and have taught in the cities of: Wuhu, Chongqing, Changsha, Beijing, Shanghai, and finally Nanjing. I like to learn new things and enjoy the challenge of solving complex technical problems.