A Very British Summer Fair!

The British School of Nanjing’s annual British Summer Fair was held on Saturday 19th May.
Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Showers had threatened in the days leading up to the event, but we were lucky to be able to proceed with the original outdoor plan with not a drop in sight! The only ones to get wet were the 4 teachers who had signed up to ‘Soak the Teacher’ – a fun game in which children paid for three wet sponges to throw at two teachers of their choice. At the same stall, children also voted for the person they wanted to have gunge poured over them at the end of the day, with the winner/loser being our Headmaster, Mr Shephard, who had two buckets of pink gunge poured over his head.

Children threw pennies for Pokemon cards, threw sacks at cans, entered Tombola for fun prizes, rolled around in Zorb balls, went on treasure hunts for Lego in our peaceful Valley, and much more. All attendees had a wonderful time playing the outdoor games, visiting stalls in Oxford Street, shopping, eating and drinking, and listening to the talent of our school’s musicians!