Return of the Dinosaurs!

Long-extinct prehistoric creatures come back to life in the valley through Augmented Reality.
Thursday, January 25, 2018
In the Early Years Foundation Stage, our youngest students have two timetabled ‘enrichment’ sessions a week. Alongside our excellent academic provision, these allow small groups of students to take part in a range of enriching activities that help them develop strong communication, social and artistic skills to name a few. The children are led in the sessions by different teachers at different times of the year so that all benefit from the experiences on offer.

On Monday 22nd January, one small group got an experience they’ll not forget as prehistoric dinosaurs returned to our valley! Fortunately, the dinosaurs in question were virtual ones as the children brought them to life using Augmented Reality (AR). The full-sized beasts roared back to life on the children’s iPads and, as you can see from their faces, they appreciated the experience. From the peaceful Stegosaurus to the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex., all manner of dinosaurs were unleashed outdoors – and if you don’t believe us, check out the photographic evidence!