Junior Librarians Donate to Charity

On 27th June, the Junior Librarian helpers donated 1,184 RMB to Hopeful Hearts from funds raised by them during Dr. Seuss week.
Tuesday, June 27, 2017
The Junior Librarians all prepared activities for the three days and decided on the format of the event, from how many days it should run, the games and prices to offer, to the Dr. Seuss books that should be read and during what time of the day. The event also included a book fair by Obido, so that children could enjoy summer time reading during their holidays. The students, who ranged from Year 3 to 5, worked extremely hard at creating flyers, researching the best games and questions to ask for the Dr. Seuss quiz.

The students did an amazing job managing the stream of excited students who wanted to partake in the festivities and overall raised an awesome sum of 2,368 RMB, half of which went to Hopeful Hearts, and the other half that will remain in their care as a Junior Librarian fund. This will help the librarians further learn how to manage money, source materials, and create future events that will continue to provide donations to various charities within our community.